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Mauna Kea Sneeuwverwachting

  • Weersvoorspelling voor Mauna Kea op 4205 m hoogte uitgeleverd: 1 am22 Jan 2017 (lokale tijd)  
Ski USA - Hawaii

Mauna Kea Sneeuwverwachting

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Dagen 0-3 Mauna Kea Weerssamenvatting:

Zware sneeuwval, zwaarste tijdens dinsdagochtend. Temperaturen onder het vriespunt (max -1°C op maandagavond, min -3°C op zondagochtend). Meer wind (kalm op maandagavond, frisse wind van de NNO bij dinsdagavond).

Dagen 4-6 Mauna Kea Weerssamenvatting:

Meestal droog. Bevriezen-ontdooien voorwaarden (max 3°C op donderdagavond, min -1°C op woensdagochtend). Afnemende wind (frisse wind van de NNO op woensdagochtend, kalm bij vrijdagavond).
zondag 22maandag 23dinsdag 24woensdag 25donderdag 26vrijdag 27
lichte sneeuw
matige sneeuw
matige sneeuw
Wind (km/h)
15 SSW15
15 SSW15
15 S15
15 SSE15
10 SSW10
0 SSW0
10 NNW10
25 N25
30 N30
25 NNE25
20 N20
25 NNE25
15 NNE15
10 NNE10
10 N10
5 NNW5
5 NW5
10 WSW10
Samenvattingheldersneeuw buiensneeuw buiensneeuw buienlichte sneeuwgem. sneeuwgem. sneeuwsneeuw buiensneeuw buienheldersneeuw buienhelderhelderhelderhelderheldersneeuw buienhelder
T namerica snow sum22.cc23
T namerica snow sum23.cc23
T namerica snow sum24.cc23
T namerica snow sum25.cc23
T namerica snow sum26.cc23
T namerica snow sum27.cc23
Sneeuw cm
Regen mm
Max °C
Min °C
Gev. Temp°C
Vriespunt Niveau (m)375038003750390039003900390040004050410041504350445044004600450045004550
Mauna Kea freezing level scale
snowy slopeMauna Kea freezing level

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De bovenstaande tabel toont de weersverwachting voor Mauna Kea op een specifieke hoogte van 4205 m. Onze uiterst precieze weermodellen berekenen sneeuwverwachtingen voor de top, midden en dalstations van Mauna Kea. Voor weersverwachtingen op andere hoogtes, gebruik de tabbladen boven de tabel. Voor meer weer overzicht, zie de weerkaart van United States.

Klik hier voor meer informatie over sneeuwhoogten en hoe we onze temperaturen berekenen.

Recensies van bezoekers van Mauna Kea

Dean Reinking, LPN van United States schrijft:

I've given you the history of Mauna Kea, now I'll submit a little about the terrain. When there's decent snowfall (has to get down to the 9,000 - 9'500 elevation), one can find a type of "hardpack" snow. It's not ice, but the winds make the moisture laden snow a style all its own. I've never experienced anything like it in the Rockies. One should have sharpened edges for turns are more tricky and need to be deliberate. As far as falling; mostly it will be a soft landing as the ground underneath is predominantly cinder. You'll generally notice any stray rocks jutting through the snow...BEWARE! ...landing on these (even small rocks) are very dangerous as they're jagged, not rounded and they'll tear right through your winter gear to you flesh. These rock upthrusts are rare, and as I mentioned, you'll be able to see them. The snow warms up once the tropical sun hits the surface making the snow into a spring "corn snow" type, but it's a lot more too! Temperatures can average in the mid-20's to mid-30's (when the sun hits you). Weather conditions can change quickly as small fronts can move in from out of nowhere....I've actually experienced a "white-out" which lasted for about 30 minutes. (The only thing I could do is attempt to point my ski tips downhill...wherever that was at really couldn't see anything..barely even my skis. Yes, it can get dicey when something blows don't know how long it will last. But back to this. In recent years the snowfall has been lacking and what we've been getting doesn't last you have to hit the slopes of Mauna Kea ASAP. We hope this snowfall will's a fickle thing in Hawaii...very unpredictable. I don't know of many people that have attempted the slopes of Mauna Loa (sister peak) @ about the same height elevation but more rounded. The few that have said it was really cold, windy, and the skiable snow coverage was lacking with plenty of rocks and debris...not even good for "rock skis." Access is clearly lacking on Mauna Loa and will entail plenty of high elevation hiking. The geography/geology might prove worth that.....bring plenty of water, food, protective clothing for that end....for skiing, I wouldn't recommend it. Dean Reinking, LPN

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