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The Lecht Sneeuwverwachting

  • Weersvoorspelling voor The Lecht op 640 m hoogte uitgeleverd: 11 am06 Dec 2016 (lokale tijd)  
Ski United Kingdom

The Lecht Sneeuwverwachting

UkThe Lecht

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Dagen 0-3 The Lecht Weerssamenvatting:

Matige regen (totaal 16.0mm), zwaarst op dinsdagavond. Zeer milde (max 10°C op woensdagmiddag, min 1°C op dinsdagochtend). Meer wind (matige winden van de ZZW op dinsdagochtend, storm van de WSW bij woensdagavond).

Dagen 4-6 The Lecht Weerssamenvatting:

Lichte regen (totaal 5.0mm), vallende meestal op vrijdagochtend. Milde temperaturen (max 8°C op vrijdagochtend, min 2°C op zaterdagavond). Afnemende wind (storm van de WSW op vrijdagavond, Lichte wind van de W bij zondagavond).
dinsdag 6woensdag 7donderdag 8vrijdag 9zaterdag 10zondag 11
Half bewolkt
lichte regen
matige regen
Half bewolkt
Half bewolkt
Half bewolkt
lichte regen
Half bewolkt
Half bewolkt
lichte regen
Wind (km/h)
20 SSW20
30 SSW30
50 SW50
50 SW50
60 SW60
50 WSW50
30 WSW30
35 WSW35
25 SW25
45 SW45
40 SW40
70 WSW70
50 WSW50
45 WSW45
45 W45
55 W55
50 WNW50
25 WNW25
Samenvattinglicht bewolktlichte regengem. regenbewolktlicht bewolktregen
bewolktlicht bewolktlicht bewolktlichte regenlicht bewolkthelderhelderbewolktlicht bewolktregen
lichte regenhelder
T scotland snow sum06.cc23
T scotland snow sum07.cc23
T scotland snow sum08.cc23
T scotland snow sum09.cc23
T scotland snow sum10.cc23
T scotland snow sum11.cc23
Sneeuw cm
Regen mm
Max °C
Min °C
Gev. Temp°C
Vriespunt Niveau (m)235025002900345032003100195025003100280017501300125012001100125013001900
The Lecht freezing level scale
snowy slopeThe Lecht freezing level

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De bovenstaande tabel toont de weersverwachting voor The Lecht op een specifieke hoogte van 640 m. Onze uiterst precieze weermodellen berekenen sneeuwverwachtingen voor de top, midden en dalstations van The Lecht. Voor weersverwachtingen op andere hoogtes, gebruik de tabbladen boven de tabel. Voor meer weer overzicht, zie de weerkaart van United Kingdom.

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Recensies van bezoekers van The Lecht

Matt van United Kingdom schrijft:

We visited the Lecht on the 6th Feb 2013. This was our first time Snowboarding in Scotland.

We arrived late because the road from Tomintoul was blocked by 3 cars that could not get up the snow covered road - we hadn't expected this as the Lecht website had earlier said the roads were fine, they were anything but. No one was offered any assistance from the Lecht staff in their tractor and we eventually freed the cars ourselves.

On arrival we hired our gear and were rather disappointed with the quality, the boots had certainly seen some hard times, were looking very ragged and didn't even lace up properly.

Once on the slopes we were further shocked, the snow condition report on their site that morning said:

"Main runs complete good cover of new snow, some icy patches. Ample areas for beginners.There is good snow cover across the whole ski area."

In reality, all of the green runs were solid sheet ice that you could not snowboard safely on. The blue runs were considerably more difficult and as we are relativly inexperienced they were beyond our skill level. There is no good learner snow here, the green runs have no gradient and are only a few tens of metres long before they flatten out completely. There are no intermediate runs for beginners.

Several other things that we were not impressed by:

* No obvious signposting of runs or routes and no one around to help you out.
* No maps of piste outside to let you work out where to go.
* Car park snow clearance poor - massive drifts in the car park and no help getting out, a group of us had to get together to help each other out of the car park.
* No information on road conditions posted anywhere and no staff who knew what was going on.

We will not be going here again, ever; I strongly recommend you do not either. In contrast, the next day (today), we went to Cairngorm mountain and had a fantastic day on some great snow with good pistes and friendly, helpful staff.

I hope this report prevents somebody else from wasting their time and money at the Lecht - go somewhere else instead!

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